"Make the bones of your skeleton the only structure you need"


Being alone does not make you lonely, learn to love yourself and be independent. This doesn't mean you have to distance yourself from people. It means that it is important to find and notice the people around you that will stay by your side.

You only have one skeleton.

Yes, you may have broken a few bones or may need a hip replacement at some stage however predominantly, you are stuck with the structure that you have. Things will come along to damage this, a fall off out of a tree when you were 10 or maybe old age wearing you down but it will ALWAYS be there to keep you up straight. If we didn't have bones... well we wouldn't be much more than a large slug.

 Think about this in terms of your life. You need to have some you time; to become closer with yourself. Care for yourself as much as you care for others. This doesn’t mean that you should go around thinking you are superior than anyone else (as that is simply wrong), just think about how much you are giving up for other people and weather you are getting it back in return.  Find people, that like a cast for a fracture, will help support you. They may be helping you through a tough time or through life in general. Know that if you do, metaphorically fall out of a tree, they will be there to help the mending process.

Cherish your 'skeleton'. It is the support that will never let you down.

I know it's a short post but it's something to think about. I hope you all have a good day tomorrow. I some of you haven't been feeling yourselves recently for different reasons but it will get better. I promise. 

"Make the bones of your skeleton the only structure you need"

Keep Smiling 

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