so i think i can sing? | My First Video


It's friday friday friday friday friday! I had no school and I'm now off for a week so I'm pretty pumped.

Recently, my lovely friend Kelsey asked me to make more videos on YouTube. I had only ever before posted a vlog about my trip to Paris in the summer and if you have been following my blog for a while you will know that the video completely flopped as the quality was simply shocking which really got on my nerves as I had spend ages editing it for it to then turn out like poop. 

I have always wanted to make YouTube videos as it is such an amazing platform with talented creative people. Bearing in mind that I am completely flying out of my comfort zone here, I want to share with you my first YouTube video. 

(i would recomend you watch it on YouTube as the quality is better. oh and you can change it to be HD)

  • the lighting is bad
  • there is an annoying humming in the background as i put the camera on my computer box thing
  • i don't believe i can sing i was purely messing around 

 but I hope you enjoy.

stay rad

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