Teen Awards & My New Baby


Last Sunday I went to the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. INCREDIBLE.

I fangirled. I laughed. I cried. I snorted.

Seriously it was amazing. I got to see Zoella and Alfie on stage, not to mention Dan and Phil. The Vamps were incredible and so were all the other acts that were there. My group of friends made it that extra bit more special. Honestly was such an amazing night surrounded by such amazing people!

Miss Emily Jenkins - the girl who has the cat that is the love of my life
Sonali, Me, Rhianna, Jemma (back), Shivani (front), Skye &Emily

Rhi and I were missing +Luke Hemmings and +5 Seconds of Summer. Enough said about that.


Rhianna, Emily, Jemma and I

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Skye and Jayni don't have twitter but they are buff so... 

Some teenage girls want boyfriends - I would just like to get more camera equipment.
Messing around f.t. my gorgeous cousin

We went to Curry's today with my Gran and Pops for them to order a freezer... we came back with a tripod. It is an early Christmas present ans I'm so happy! It is HUGE.

I want to also say a massive thank you to everyone who went over to my YouTube Channel and watched my first video. I have had such a positive responce and it makes me so happy. I cannot believe I have nearly got 50 subscribers already. Like whaaattt?!?! This does mean that I would like to make videos every week... so my friday post on my blog will be replaced with a video up on friday. Don't worry I will not be stopping blogging or anything like that as I love to write.
I would love some suggestions for new videos!

stay rad

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