Dance Like Nobody's Watching!


ft. my beautiful twin cousins.

Another things that I never told you guys is that I have a love for dance. When I dance I feel different. I feel like I can let my feelings out without people really know whats going on inside my head. I don't dance outside of school or anything but I'm really involved at school. I'm also taking if for a GCSE so when I get to the stage where I'm choreographing I will defiantly be sharing videos with you all.

Dancing like nobody is watching is an extremely strong moto of mine. I take it into my life. I don't dance to impress people. I dance beacuse it makes me happy - just like the things in my life. I do everything with the thought that it's what makes me happy. I wasn't born to impress anyone, I was born to be myself and smile every second of the way.

I hope you have had a very nice weekend.

I will be posting again this wednesday and friday however on sunday I may or may not be posting due to the fact that I'll be at the teen awards. I hope you guys don't mind. 


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