Is It Just Me Who...


  • rolls up a pizza slice to eat it
  • pretends to be James Bond when home alone
  • fangirls a lot
  • takes loads of selfies and hates every single one
  • loves to wear oversized tops to bed
  • is very grumpy in the morning
  • gets massive spurts of hyperness
  • is sacred of failing in the future
  • has a messy room 
  • loves Luke Hemmings in a snapback
  • has a phone that hates them
  • instagram has a personal vendetta against 
  • hasn't watched The Fault In Our Stars
  • has a massive celebrity crush 
  • over thinks things 
  • hates it when people constantly moan
  • dosn't have a boyfriend
  • is a feminist 
  • loves Ashton Irwins giggle 
  • used to bite people as a child
  • hasn't eaten a Burger King for over 3 years
  • wonders how snapchat would be like for hot people
  • listens to music daily 
  • chews on their headphone wires
  • stays up late and regrets it every morning
  • has streach marks on their back
  • wants to go out partying but also wants to stay and watch Miranda
  • knows all the words to Gavin and Stacey 
  • loves watching Angus Thongs 
  • can quote very well from Mean Girls
  • wants to travel the world
  • wants to have a tight cuddle from someone
  • is extreamly weird
  • has got a guest blogger appering on their blog soon
  • spends most their time on twitter
  • loves tumblr
  • wants to do well in exams but also wants to do no work what so ever
  • will happily go for long walks
  • takes two pairs of headphones to school - just in case the other one breaks 
  • used to hate talking to people on the phone
  • sends loads of emails 
There are tons more guys! I'm just me.
A boy in my class summed me up in one... 'You're just Anna'. 
I'm going to a party tomorrow!! What should I wear?

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