How to: D.I.Y Adventure Book (UP)


Hello wonderful people! 
Today it has been wet and windy in London, therefore resulting in me hibernating inside all day. I wanted to start experimenting with the material that I post on my blog so I have pushed myself to come up with a number of D.I.Y's/ Making stuff posts. I promised when I first made my blog that this genre would be apart of my feed. At long last, I have come up with a funky idea as to making your own Adventure Book inspired by the Disney Pixar film Up. 

What You Need: 

Firstly start by making sure you have all the right materials...
  • Scrapbook (£3.00 Sainsburys')
  • Images of places where you have visited or would love to visit (mines California of course)
  •  Scissors 
  • Glue (UHU) 


1: Collect images of your chosen destination from the internet.
I searched 'Californian Summer' and received a load of  images on  my screen.
Then, simply copy and paste the images into a word document and print them out (preferably on card).

2: Cut out your chosen images 

3: Once cut out arrange them in your scrapbook and check that they all fit perfectly

4: Stick down all the images

I used UHU glue, a very strong good brand

5: Enjoy
Share your scrapbook with your friends on social networking sites using: #AdventuresWithAnna

If you check this D.I.Y out please make sure to notify me on any of my social networking platforms... Have a little browse in the top tab 'My Links' if you are not sure of what mine are. 

I hope you Monday was just as good as mine, 
Remember to keep smiling and enjoying life


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