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Reading back through my blog, I have come to released that I have not properly told you about my dreams and aspirations but mainly not about me.

I have a very unique personality as many would like to call it. I am a young teenage Christian, who dreams to travel the world and spread the word of love, peace and happiness. Living in London helps me to have a fabulous in-site into the urban world, making me more aware of how society is changing every one of us slowly but surely. Growing up I have had an amazing family, a number of friends and I have always been told to stay happy. This makes me the person I am today. I love every bit of it.

My inspiration
Just like any other human, I will always look at myself and see faults. This is where, now more than ever, I have released that this is not necessary. My best friend made me release this, my sister. She has always been there for me and will always be there for me no matter how far away we may be. My family, My sister, Dance, Music and YouTube all inspire me to be the best person I can be. 

As I have mentioned in my previous posts I have mentioned who inspires me, but I haven't yet talked about who musically inspires me... this is someone who many will not know. Her name is Jamie, Jamie McDell. She is beautiful, a kiwi, a blonde and an amazing singer! Listening to her sing helps me to release how simple life is. How simple it is. How amazing it is. 


The most beautiful thing to me is nature. I love the outdoors, going for runs, walks and hikes. When I go to Dorset every summer I love to take amazing photos and relax in the countryside!

Photography, Dance and Fashion are my passions in my life. I love the idea that you can look at things in a different light. 
Photography helps me to see the life from a different view and shows me how incredible it really is. Unfortunately I was not able to get it for a GCSE option in the end however I will still be pursuing the dream of traveling the world and capturing every second of it! 

Dance helps me to express myself. I wish I had carried it on from a younger age however I didn't so I have to use the resources I have at school. For many years I have been debating with myself at whether I should go back or not. Soon I will reach the age where I cannot do it. I know I need to get back into something or find a new hobby to do... I just have no idea what. It makes me annoyed whenever I am sitting home alone on Saturdays and everyone is out at work or sports clubs or dance or whatever... I don't know where I will fit in.

Lastly I love fashion. I love the clothes in Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, Online on Forever 21. I really want to start a job somewhere. Being 13 makes this extremely hard however any job would be good and hopefully enjoyable. Last summer I got around £60 from working with paperwork at a friend’s business. I love being busy and working. It keeps me going and I honestly sometimes cannot stand sitting in fount of the T.V. This would be some peoples idea of Heaven... it’s a bit of my hell.

I hoped you enjoyed finding a bit more out about me. If you would ever like to know more about me than feel free to ask me!

Happy Spring Break!

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