Umm Fan girl?!?! and Jacksgap


Jack's gap Jack's gap 5 minutes of your life that you won't get back Nooo..!

Recently my love for Jack and Finn Harries has grown making me unable to stop rewatching their old videos. Unfortunately Jack and Finn have not made a video in about 3 months :( Leaving me feel a bit let down.... Until this morning when I awoke to find a new video on my subscription feed. 

Haha reading back this sounds like a fan girl post! Am I am fan girl?? I guess I am! But the main reason I am a fan girl for Jacksgap is because they inspire me to later become a film maker on youtube, travel the world, raise money for charity and meet amazing people. All in all even though Jack and Finn may forever be hassled by screaming girls but they will always stand out for me as incredible film makers!

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned my love for youtube and that has certainly never stopped!! Soon I will be writing an updated post with my favorite youtubers mentioned as they have changed and to keep you up to date however for now as I sit in the back seat of my family car coming back from an amazing weekend in Dorset... I must say Finn Finn is the better twin ;)

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