My Jewelry Collection♔


This is just a small collection of my favorite jewelry that I wear often. I hope you like my small in site into my Jewelry... I have just realized I actually don't have that much. 

J'aime le chocolat Necklace -
Claires Accessories
Given by one of my bestfriends
Ring of bible verses -
Given and made by my auntie
A side view

Locket - H&M
Cross Necklace - NewLook
£3.00 (sale)

Reindeer Necklace - NewLook
 £2.00 (Sale)

Same as above ;)

I am sorry for not posting last sunday but next week I am planning to post daily... wheather that will happen I am debating but I though it would be cool to do a 'Follow me round' tag all week. If you are interested please let me know through links at the top!
Oh and yeah ignore the marks on my window sill... yeah I had no other place to take the photos.

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