Tumblr Splurrgeee


Tumblr is a place where I can go and escape the world for a while. With my music blasting and my playlist on repeat I've created this small universe where images come together to express my feelings and ideas. 
 I wanted to share with you this little universe and invite you to have a look at what inspires me. Using Tumblr helps me switch off and relax - while helping me to solve problems and situations I'm facing. Thanks to everyone who's images I've reblogged and the amazing people who follow 'That Tumblr Girl'. To be honest I have no idea where that name came from... There has been a perfect type of girl on Tumblr sometimes called Tumblr girls and I think my blog shows that this idea is nonsense and that no girl is perfect - many holding emotions others couldn't deal with. 

Here is a small splurge of tumblrness for my blogger. I hope you enjoy. Oh and of course Jack and Finn have to be my icon ;) 

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