PART 2 - Obsession with YOUTUBERS!


Back for more youtubers?? 
This - as I promised - is part 2 to my youtube obsessions. Last post I spoke about the girl youtubers who inspire me and make very good videos and there was just too much to put into one big post so I decided to split it into two parts. 

These boys all inspire me to make videos in the future and i'm not 
going to lie they are quite fit ♥_♥ 


1) Jack and Finn Harries (JacksGap)
Okkay where do I begin to explain... I don't really know they are just...sdfkasjdf;lakjsdfkjasdf... yeah :) If you haven't had a look at my blog post that I recently posted about the two troublesome twins then you really should - Share the love!

2) Caspar Lee
Caspar... the amazing South African. He now lives in London in an apartment with Joe Sugg (Zoe's brother) and he is dating the lovely Gaby. He moved to London when he was 19 and oridginally shared an apartment with Alfie Dayes (Zoe's boyfriend). He makes so many good videos and he is just a laugh. 

Thatcher Joe

3) Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe)
Joe Sugg started his channel a little while after his sister Zoe (Zoella) however he is still much loved by the youtube viewers. He lives with Caspar and is fitttt!!


4) Louis Cole (FunForLouis) 
Louis is a fun loving kinda guy who uploads vlogs daily. His work is good quality and he inspires everyone to get out there, explore and live life to the full! 

Jim Chapman 

5) Jim Chapman 
Engaged to the lovely Tanya Burr (who was featured in sunday's post) is extremely smart, features on ITVs viral tap and models. His videos are always entertaining and he has a large number of 'best friends'. 

Marcus Butler 

6) Marcus Butler
Marcy But But! Marcus is not only a very successful youtuber, he also has his own brand in merchandise that he sells through his channel. 

Connor Franta

7) Connor Franta 
This cheeky american is basically the boy version of Lilly Singh aka SuperWoman. Just like Lilly he says what everyone is thinking and is very open to his viewers. Oh not to mention very hot. 


8) Alfie Dayes (PointlessBlog)
Alife Dayes dates the lovely Zoella and has been for quite some time now. I really ship them and I love his channels. He has three channels: Main, Vlogging and Gaming and they are all very good. 


9) Dan Howell (DanIsNotOnFire) 
Now I have only just started to watch Dan so I think this isn't really fair but yeah. He is sooo funny and I can really relate to him to. 

These three boys are have to be included... I got to ten and I was just like noooo I have too many. Anyway I love all their videos and I ship troyler!!!

Troye Sivan
Joey Graceffa
Tyler Oakley
So that is it for my youtuber obsessions!
If you liked this post please feel free to let me know and maybe you could even tell me your obsessions. 
I will be back with another post on sunday and maybe even a cheeky one on friday. 
I would like to take this opportunity to quickly talk about my tumblr again. I'm happy to say that I am literally so close to getting 100 followers on my new tumblr blog. If you haven't already had a little look please feel free to head over there with the link

Hope you had a good day

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