PART 1 - Obsession with YOUTUBERS!!


So its been over a week now since I have posted my blog here in this tiny little space on the internet but I hope you can forgive me for this :/ .

Today I wanted to share with you something that I am obsessed with and that takes up a lot of my time... this being youtube. If you have no idea what youtube is... umm well... umm yeah I think you have been living under a rock :D ... Seriosouly though you need to check it out!
At the moment with nothing much happening that is exciting or needs effort to be put into it YouTube has overrided anything important really. Its a case of 


That's really bad I know but I don't think I can do much about it... and I'm in no shape to try. I have spoken about my love of YouTubers before on my blog however I wanted to update this with you. I will list the girls in this post and then the boys in another post later this week. The lists are in order of who I watch the most and who I enjoy the most :) 



1) Zoe Sugg - Zoella 
I have mentioned Zoe before on my blog but I would still say that she is the best girl on YouTube for a number of reasons. She dates Alfie Dayes and lives in Brighton :) She inspires me to make videos when I'm older and to continue writing my blog! 

Jamie's World

2) Jamie Curry - Jamie's World
Jamie is one of the funniest people on the internet. She has only recently started to create more frequent videos on YouTube but I love them to bits! She is extremely pretty even though she may not think she is and I LOVE her kiwi accent... of course I'm not jealous... *breaks down*... *cry*


3) Meredith Foster - StilaBabe09
Meredith is a beautiful teenager who creates makeup tutorials, keep fit videos and loads more girly things! She american and her dog is the cutest thing

Bethany Mota

 4) Bethany Mota
I'm extremely proud and inspired by Bethany as she has her own fashion line at Areopastle and she has gone on road trips around the US! She has done so well for such a young girl.

Tanya Burr

5) Tanya Burr
Tanya Burr is one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. Her toururials are amazing, she is engaged to Jim Chapman and she has her own makeup collection. 


6) Louise Watson - Sprinkle Of Glitter
The lovely Louise has been on my blog before and she is still a lot better that the rest... mainly beacuse of her first name being my middle name... yeah no being bias here.

Dolly Bow Bow

7) Kate Murnane - Dolly Bow Bow
Kate was one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to and her channel and life had changed a lot since. She is expecting a baby and I love watching her videos on baby hauls etc as they are all so cute!


8) Lilly Singh - SuperWoman
Lilly says what everyone is thinking. She is funny and has amazinglyy long hair. She is a motorvational speaker and will always make me laugh.

Jamie McDell

9) Jamie McDell
Jamie isn't a YouTuber but she does upload songs onto YouTube. She plays the guitar, is an wonderful singer and is extremely pretty. Make sure to check out her songs and download them off iTunes! 

Grace Helbig

10) Grace Helbig
Grace makes really go quality videos and is extremely genuine but I have only recently started to watch her videos therefore I have not been watching much of her.

That is it then... my rundown of my favorite girl youtubers. I will be scedguling the second part to this post for wednesday so keep an eye out for that! I will also be posting on friday and then carrying on with the loop of posts... so yeah I will now push my self to post evey Sunday, Wednesday and Friday! Hope you have a very lovely week... speak to you soooooon!! (Ik I did say that last time and then it was a week until I posted but... ill get better... one day at a time!) 

Oh and please check out my tumblr as I've done some tweeking to it!

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