25 Random Facts About Me♥


Recently I have been asked on this blog to include some more posts about me, my friends, school etc and of course I take every one of your comments into consideration, so here I am writing a blog post including 25 facts about me. This post was inspired by Leanne Robin asking me to write more about myself :) 

  1. I have never moved house
  2. Dried Mango is the best idea ever
  3. Tumblr is my soul mate
  4. I have never broken a bone however I think I fractured my finger once :/ (I don't really know but it still looks odd and it was over 4 months ago when I was surfing my stairs on my duvet cover!) 
  5. I would love to make a YouTube channel when I'm older even though it would be rubbish 
  6. My bed holds everything I need from socks to half eaten food... it's kinda grim
  7. My bedroom is NEVER tidy - apart from on a rare occasion 
  8. I don't wish to change myself for anyone
    1. I have never been on a plane yet I have been abroad 
    2. I haven't been out of Europe... so much for "I'm gonna travel the world" 
    3. I'm going to Paris in the summer
    4. I love making new friends
    5. I'm so fancyy *turns music up* *dances around* 
    6. Swanage in Dorset is like my second home 
    7. Simple.Is.Beautiful.
    8.  One summer had a bet with my cousin to see who could get to the bottom of a big hill in our caravan park first... I think the bet was for like 50p but I lost as a result of me riding over a bump and hitting the wheely bar at the back instead of the break... gold medal for the most amount of tarmac in a cut.
    9. I like the smell of petrol 
    10. I have a passion for photography 
    11. I have had 2 hamsters George and Olly and a fish that I cant remember the name of :/
    12. I used to be on the girls football team 
    13. I hate throwing up... yeah i know everyone does but when I'm sick I throw up more because I thew up... Its a very vicious circle
    14. I use ... a lot when I'm typing things 
    15. I have brown hair and brown eyes 
    16. I am in love with my friends cat 
    17. I love to eat slush puppies but I look disgusting when drinking them... I promise I don't always look that nasty... umm *grins* *meltdown inside* 

    Oh myy.... I can't. 
    Tbh I have no shame :) 
    If you want me to make more of these ugly pictures... yeah just ask. 

    And to prove that I have a better side... Here is me and my lovely sister. I have so much respect for this girl. 
    I love all my family

    Have a lovely day

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