This time last week I was recovering from my last ever sports day. It was an amazing day and I gained something positive out of it. Not only is sports and running good for your health, it's good for your mind. Thinking back I remember always dreading sports day as I was scared I would fall and embarrass myself in front of everyone. Last wednesday I came to realize I would have had a lot more fun if I had just believed in myself and just done it. 

I competed in the Hurdles, 1500m run and Long Jump. I managed to get two 2nd place medals in the Hurdles final and 1500m run. Without thinking negatively about not coming first, I took this and though of a way I could make this into a good blog post. I though about it for a bit and now have come to the conclusion that life is a....


race; so long and tiring that you will have to stop and get a drink and there is a high chance of you falling over and maybe sustaining an injury however the though that you will be getting a medal and a round of applause at the end is mind blowing. No one will say life is easy - It isn't but any athlete will have to train hard to succeed. You can't run a marathon if you haven't trained and that's where the positive mind set comes in. The positive mind set is your training - that's all you need. Nothing else is going to prepare you enough for a day then starting it off with a smile. Never think that you can't do something and don't let your fears get in the way of succeeding great things. You are your worth enemy. You will stop yourself and until you break free from that mind set, you will be stuck. But lets not get stuck, lets laugh in the face of ourselves when we think back to all the things you have done because we have completed all the things that we wanted to do (that would have otherwise been stopped by our fear. 

Feeling chuffed with my two medals :)
Who said I can't rock pink shoes?
Like my close friend said when I was asking for her tips on a good race, "Don't stop, keep going or your body won't let you keep going." Think about that in the aspect of your life...


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