Summer Daze Along The English Coast☀


Summer loving had me a blast,

I met a girl crazy for me,
Met a boy cute as can be,

Summer days drifting away,

To, uh oh, those summer nights

Well-a well-a well-a huh

Tell me more, tell me more...

I've got to stop myself before I write all the lyrics to the song.


Today I wanted to share some moments of the past week as I've been in Dorset (south of England). I'm here for another week so I've got plenty of time to relax and escape the world for a little bit longer. This week I have been mainly trying to not get burn - yes very surprising considering I am still in England :D. Luckily I didn't get burnt once all week until today... on my bum. FABULOUS. It's so painfulllll :'( .
 Anyway I wanted to share some snaps with you...

The beautiful beaches of Studland are always amazing. Playing vollyball on the beach and of course looking for hot boys is my cup of tea

[Disclaimer: I've never tried tea]

There is always an opportunity for a photo along these beaches. Ohhh and don't watch that dodgy natural tan *fails at everything*

"Oii do you mind?"
Tbh I love this photo. I'm never looking at the camera properly or looking nice so having my face turned, on a lilo, in the freezing English channel and having Old Harry Rocks in the back ground is my perfect kinda photo - despite the lighting not being brilliant or it not looking very tumblry (if that's a word).
Beach huts
Running up and down in between these beach huts are a fond memory of the past. I remember complaining there was too many stones on the ground to walk along so my dad would let my ride on his shoulders. 

Thank you for dropping by once more :) 

OMG! As I am writing this post I found out that Ella Grace Denton (as in Jack Harries' Ella) was in Swanage when I was and I missed a chance to see her. I wish I had know and I would have hunted everywhere for her. Oh I'm so sad. She's such an inspiration and a beautiful women - with Jack as her boyfriend. :( All the things I would have asked if I saw her. I would have asked about Jack and taken photos and omg. That's so annoying. I'm still here as well... Hopefully I will meet her one day.

Can we just stop to embrace how cute this is...

Yeahhh it's amazing and they go so well together oh the feels *melts down* 


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