Don't count the days, make the days count.


In March of this year, I was sitting in York Minister listening to a sermon about making your days count and not counting the days down. This struck me deeply. Knowing that a number of times I have counted down the months till my birthday or a holiday, the end of summer term or until I had to embarrass myself at sports day doing cheerleading, it made me think about those months and weeks that I could have used doing something really productive however I didn't.  Sadly some people want to be making their days count however they are restricted by illness or disease and we are sitting here not making our days count due to pure laziness or just because we are waiting for an event to come.
Waiting is something that uses up a lot of our time; waiting for the bus, waiting for a friend to get to your house etc. Maybe it’s time that we start doing instead of planning and waiting. Be spontaneous and make something out of your day. Do something that makes you feel good. Go for a run, write a blog post, follow your dreams; whatever floats you boat. Make something good and positive happen.
Hope you have a fun filled week and that you are making the days count not counting the days.

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