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As I sit on my caravan balcony, in Swanage - Dorset. I stop and think to myself, 'we don't know how lucky we are'. Even siting here typing away on my laptop makes me feel slightly guilty of the fact that I should be reading or sunbathing - not any type of technology. Never the less, I am and for that I am very grateful. They was I can look out into the distanced and see rolling hills as well as having beach being only 5 minute walk away from me - it is mind blowing... I can also hear that the sheep know its feeding time.

What more could I ask for?

After recently talking to a friend of mine, it came into mind that the majority of people living in North West London (that I know), have any concept of their surroundings. They have no idea how amazing their city actually is nor how beautiful their country is. 

I am lucky to say that I have been raised in a family that make us each have an understanding of the world around us. I know that I don't need technology to have a good time, nor do I need expencive plane tickets to get me out of the country to 'somewhere better'. I love where I go on holiday and unfortunalty next year will be our last on the site due to business investments that are frankly horrendous. I love where I come on holiday and I would never change it for the word.

It strikes some people that I am still in the UK. They would never have thought that. Sometimes I would just wish 'General Knowledge' was more 'General'. As in, I could show many people round central London and tell you where many places are in England. However, that's the thing, we don't realize whats around us. We don't realize that our country is amazing. Despite that, we all have our own talents and stories to share, I guess traveling England is one high on my list.

I have had such a nice day with my family celebrating my sisters 17th birthday. If you are reading this Elle, you smell of poo but I love you to bits xxxx

p.s. Thanks for taking these cool pictures today, I can't wait to travel the world together one day!

Where would you love to travel?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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