Summer Essentials


In England we literally have 5 seconds of summer - something I believed the boys of 5sos used as inspiration for their name.

As always, this summer I am heading back down to sunny Swange - spending two weeks by the shore, having fun and hopefully getting a tan. As I sat in my maths class, I couldn't help but daydream (as I always do at any given moment). I thought, what shall I take on my holiday, despite it being exactly 3months away. 

Therefore, I have devised a list in which I personally think would help you packing for your holiday... so lets begin:

Along with that you will need...

  1. CONFIDENCE. Remember that you look amazing in whatever you wear - no one is going to notice a bit of skin with stretch marks on, if you are running around having a good time. 
  2. LAUGH. It doesn't matter if  you don't like your laugh - who's going to stop you from enjoying yourself. I have had numerous people tell me that I should change my laugh however I simply wont as that is just me.
  3. SUNGLASSES. Brilliant tool to use for checking out boys with them having no clue if you are doing so :) 
  4. WATER. Simple. Drink loads and it will make you feel 10x better
  5. CHILL. 'Just relax, say goodbye to the rain' - Jamie McDell lyrics. (She is one of the only varified people to follow me on twitter oh and Conor Maynard haha) As I said just relax, stop stressing for a while. 

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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