Expectations vs Reality - Pt.2


How you all doing? I hope you have had an amazing time since I last posted on this blog - something I know I need to get better at. Anyhow, I wanted to do a part 2 to 'Expectations vs Reality' as I loved making the last post of this and laughing at how much of a fail I am.

I honestly have no shame and everyone always asks if I get embarrassed at things. I do get embarrassed however, I think embracing it is the best thing to do as if not, I would be crying for eternity. Therefore, without further or do, I would like to present to you - 'Expectations vs Reality pt 2'.

I swear I nearly broke my ankle about 57 times.

Oii check me - not being able to reach the handle bars or anything.

I literally had no hair until I was about 4.
Rihanna is also a Queen - I am currently blasting out 45 seconds. What a tune!

Buying that wig was the worst decision ever. It cost about £15 and got tangled in the space of 12 seconds. To further my anger, when I got home, I washed in my bathroom sink.... lets just say Hannah was no more.

What can I say, I like ice cream and there is no nice way of eating it.

... I have no words.

Is it worrying that this was taken about 2 weeks ago?
ft. my mums beautiful hand.

Pamper sesh

I'm not alright.

The look of disgust.
I applaud that random women for pulling off a wet suit - trust me it's very hard.

What can I say? Zoe rocks the yellow - I look like a piece of sweetcorn in someones vomit.

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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