U-Dance & 5SOS Meetup!


This year is going way too quickly for my liking!

I have had such a super busy week doing a number of cool things. Yet, this has resulted in me being extremely drained - I honestly cannot wait for a holiday.

Along with my amazing dance group at school, Goop! (odd name I know), I took part in U-Dance 2015. It was such an amazing day jam packed with laughter and the caving of food. Last year I was unable to go as I was on holiday with my family - I am so happy that I got to go this year!

Despite my shoulder failing to perform once again and popping when we were in the middle of a workshop with another group, (old post about going to A&E here) it was an amazing experience.

The Dance Fools
Our squad is better than your's

5SOS Meetup
If you are unaware and haven't been following my blog for a long time, I have a love for bands and music. One in particular being 5 seconds of summer. Yesterday, along with my two close friends Shivani and Rhianna, we attended a 5SOS Fan Meetup. It was held in Hyde Park in London. We had a really fun time and I met some really sweet people when there.

It was another moment where I stepped out of my comfort zone - talking and joking around with strangers. Moments like these are things to keep in mind. Apart from dropping the top bun of my BigMac, it was quite a good day.

I have shared really cool moments with amazing people recently and I have been loving it all. I hope you have all had a good week.

Screw them,
stay you

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