Create Yourself


Life is a blur.
The uncertainty of what is to be thrown at us next, is what I cannot stand.
I crave the knowledge of my future.

There has always been this saying, that our mission in life is to 'find yourself'. The idea that you are alive and creating carbon dioxide, in order to die knowing who you are.

I honestly think that is a load of rubbish.
How can you 'find yourself' when you have no idea where to start looking? It's like expecting someone to know where they are going in a foreign city, that they have never been too.

I have decided there is a much simpler why of tackling the humongous question that seems to constantly line the front of each individuals mind: what is the purpose of life?

Well, today I propose this: we are here to create ourselves.

To live a life that we have always imagined. It will be hard with challenges being thrown at us from each direction. However, there is always one thing to remember - God has your back. He is pushing you down paths that you may not like the look of, but that won't stop him. God is working in your life right now, in ways you cannot understand.

The idea is that you create yourself. You make the person you want to be and be it. That does not mean acting up nor dropping the people that mean the most to you. It simply means that if you wish to do something, you do it and if  you don't, you don't. People say that sometimes you 'do not have a choice' however, I don't agree with this. You do not have to do anything you do not wish to do. If you set your mind to something - it is able to be done.

No matter how big or small a goal is, you are able to do it with the right frame of mind. There is no point trying to 'find yourself' in the maze that is the world we live in.

Hence why, you...

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