This has to be one of my favourite sayings. 
Of course, I am not taking the literal James Bond-like fact, that you should carry on despite someone dying next to you. I propose that there is a deeper meaning to this, or if there isn't I shall make one now. 

To 'live', is to do exactly that - live and smile at the fact that you are alive.

'Let die', could relate to a number of things - letting the negative emotions die, leaving the petty behaviour behind and learn the people who don't have a positive impact on your life, should not be welcomed.
I learnt the hard way that nothing lasts forever and letting the negative mindset die whilst you continue to build your empire is the main objective. Doing this will simply make you happier in everyday thinking. If you 'hate' someone, let it go. Forgive people despite them not even saying sorry. The art of letting go is something we should all master.

There is no need to dwell on things that should no longer matter to you. Yes, people may enter, exit and re-enter your life but you cannot let that postpone the building of your empire. Letting people in can cause mishaps however you cant have a good party alone.


You must let people in to your house/club before the party gets fully underway. Yes, there will be a mess to clear up after but the memories of that night will be ones you will never forget.
Never let anyone ruin your party.

In other words, in order to have a 'good party' (a fun, enjoyable life) you should invite people (only with amazing positive characteristics). If anyone tries to gate crash (with utter crap that is simply irrelevant) chuck them out! You wake up the next morning in a pool of sick but the people there will leave some incredible memories for you to hold. However, at some stage you will have to let that party die (let the people move on).Yet, do not fret, there will be another party (person, people or thing) that will come into your life that will be better than the last.

That is the idea of 'LIVE AND LET DIE'.
It dies but that doesn't mean you aren't still living.

I would also love to be James Bond one day.
Who would attend your dream party?
Screw them,
Stay you

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