The Melodramatic 8 Year Old


As I was clearing out my room...a task that I always avoid and never do properly hence why I seem to always been in need of a 'clear out' - I came across two fake letters that I, being the sassy asshole of an 8 year old, wrote to two schools.

They were as followed:

These two letters honestly make me annoyed - annoyed and angry at myself. Not only at the fact that I couldn't spell for horse manure but I also cannot believe that I once had that mind set. I thought that I was a failure at the age of 8 - something not healthy at all. At times throughout my school years I hated it. I felt alone and left out a number of times, probably resulting in me wishing I was in another place. However, looking back, I wouldn't have liked it any other way. I am so privileged to be educated. I think about it and see that I was a melodramatic kid with nothing better to do than to think that I was a failure and 'not smart'.

The fact of the matter is that at the age of 8 (even 14 now), I had (have) all my life ahead of me. With the life expectancy of humans in the UK going up and up, I am hopefully planning to life until I'm around 100. You can always change your mind with what you are doing, be it at the age of 79 or 23. You can change what you are doing like a flick of a switch.

..... and yes 'Abby Mount', the fictional school from the film Wild Child 

(with Emma Roberts and the very hot Alex Pettyfer).

How are you allowed to look like that? 

Never give up - throughout school I have had moments where I thought nothing could be worse than the situation I was in. The fact is, I have made it. I am happy and have made it to the position I want o be in. I have my mind set on the future but in the mean time, I am working along side God to get me on the right path.

What is your favorite film? 
I would like to find some good things to watch over the holidays.

Love you all,
Anna x

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