Politics: a topic I have been heavily educated in over the past year or so. As my older brother Dan, studies the complex topic at the University of Birmingham, it henceforth leaves him constantly talking about it - like there is no tomorrow. I thank him for this greatly.

The ability to understand the society you live in, is hard enough when you are a hormonal teenager - experiencing new, odd scenarios, that never seem to make any logical sense, or in other words ‘growing up’ around annoying turds. Speaking truthfully, the notion that one is educated in such topics is somewhat amazing. Knowing that some of an identical age (14), will care more about the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, than what the, predominantly male run (evidence of a patriarchal society), government is fiddling around with, is utter buffoonery. 

  • The Education System - with rising tuition fees, no coursework and more exams.
  • The NHS - with cuts, selling parts off privately, leaving individuals who spend their time dedicated to making others’ lives better, with crap pay and possibly no job.

It leaves the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

these memes are too good.

It angers me that some young people of today have no real understanding of this matter.

Some make jokes out of UKIP, for example, ‘I wonder if UKIP won, would Nigel Farage’s teeth had been deported too?’, as his teeth are let’s say - no diamond shining among the dirt (in other words he may need some Listerine).  This again leaves me annoyed, the fact that young characters are mocking someone using their own policies that are practically a less extreme version of the BNP - I have no hope for this society. 

This makes me sick.

Moreover the thought that Ed Miliband resigned from leader of Labour, to me, is defeatist. Even if you lose the first time round, it will never mean you will the second time - you should never give up in the things you believe in. 

Despite the fact that I am not of the legal age to vote in the United Kingdom, I am proud to say I know a thing or two about politics. Of course, at no stage will I be able to name all the members of cabinet however, I can say this … as I visited David Cameron last year at No 10, I should have punched him in the genitals and told him to not mess everything, that my future relies on, up - I live with that regret as it is evident he has already begun his digging into screwing up the future for the next generation. Thanks David, I owe it to you mate.

At the end of the mind numbingly long day, each individual party will never meet everyone's needs. 
We can not all be winners.

Thank you for taking your time to read my political rant - more is to come on other topics effecting individuals of a similar age. I open this up as a discussion in the comments below. I am here to respect your view as long as you respect mine. 

What are your thoughts?

Anna x

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