Long time no talk.

On wednesday, I received the news that I would get 25% extra time in my school examinations, due to the fact that I have dyslexia.

As I mentioned this to a few of my mates, a number of them expressed such thoughts as, 'What? but I swear you are good at English' or, 'That is so cool! Do you think I could try and fake being dyslexic so I can get extra time' and 'So you can't read?' These points being annoying to some extent. There is a stereotype that dyslexia is cupped under - that is 'people who are illiterate', which is not true at all. Yes, it can effect English (reading and writing) or Maths (numbers etc) however there are many other things that can contribute to it.

Dyslexia is not a 'problem' nor does it mean you are different from anyone else. It simply means you think in a different way to others. I have been always been told that I am 'different' or 'weird' but that has nothing to do with dyslexia - something some people found themselves making links to.

Being dyslexic doesn't make you dumb.
Being dyslexic doesn't mean you cannot read.

I will embrace it and push forward in what I love to do - which is write. Another point I wish to make is that you don't 'suffer' from dyslexia. It shouldn't be a struggle. Yes, you can find certain things difficult yet that doesn't mean you 'suffer'. No matter how odd it will be, to not be with the rest of my year group when taking exams, it is very beneficial to me.

Never be afraid of who you are. Believe that you are unstoppable, no matter what.

Anna x

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