Creating You Own Footsteps - April 2015


This time last week, I was enjoying my last full day on the south coat of 'sunny' England. I was having a great time as per usual. I took this time to relax and think though things - making me feel so much better about myself and help me start to see what type of person I would like to become.

As my family and I, took a long walk along our favourite natural beach, I came to the conclusion that this was living. I was living and so happy for that. I was with some of my best friends and people that I love.

Once we had reached the middle beach, grabbed a coffee (for my dad) and of course a famous 99' for my sister and I - we set off once again. Whilst walking down the beach I couldn't help but notice the footsteps by the shoreline.

As I tried to retrace my fathers footsteps in the sand, I managed to get my feet muddled and nearly tripped. Not only are his strides slightly bigger than mine, his foot size is also bigger than mine - making it harder to completely follow. 

Well as per usual, I have linked that with a theme for my blog post today.
You simply cannot follow in someone elses' footsteps. Despite how hard you try and follow/copy someone else, it will never be the same. 

Take for example my brother and sister, Dan (or Danny Boy, just to annoy him) & Elle (well Ellen but I call Duck or Elle... yah). They are both so incredibly smart, with their own very individual thoughts and ideas on many different aspects of the world. On one hand, my brother studies Politics and History at uni. Whereas, on the other, my sister studies sciences and English at A-Level.

My point being, we all have our own abilities. I can tell you now - my sister is not gifted in riding a bike (like my brother is) nor doing dance (like myself). However let her do sport, English or science, for example, she can show you how its done. Same goes for my brother, yes maths isn't the strongest point nor is dance but watching him Act or tell me about Politics and wow you will not shut him up. These are things I admire so much.

They both know that they must 'create their own footsteps'. In a sense they have already started - choosing subjects they are passionate about and going forward with that. At the end of the day, if they enjoy/ are good at what they are doing they will defiantly succeed.

That is my message - we must create out own footsteps. It doesn't matter if your sister is doing science or you brother studies Politics, if that isn't something you are good up don't beat yourself up about it.

Yes, you will find people that are better than you at a subject than another however, they can never be like you as a collective individual. I have learnt that it doesn't matter about whether the grades you get are lower or higher than your sibling, it matters that you tried your best.

From now on, stop trying to fit into someone elses' footsteps - just how I stopped trying to follow my dads (mainly because I realised I was entering the nudist beach, therefore had to actually make sure that I wasn't going to bump into anyone and their... friends shall I say). 

I also found it 10x easier walking normally, with my head healed high. Even if you have no idea where your head is taking you, just keep walking. If you need to stop for a moment, that is also fine (I wanted to stop to try and tan - whilst reading a  new favourite book of mine (book review coming soon)). 

Going to the beach not only made me think about a number of different things; it made me remember that I only have 11 weeks left until the summer! PARTY!

I shall leave you with some of my favourite images of the holiday and a simple question:

What are your summer essentials?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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