A New Daunting Chapter?


With my brother moving away to university soon, my sister starting at collage and me moving into the start of the exam years - I have started to realize more than ever that I am growing up.
Of course changes to my appearance and puberty have also shown me than I am growing older however I have never though of having such a big responsibility. I have the responsibility to get myself though exams and grow into a young adult. Now I'm not saying that I'm not going to have fun and mess around because that is inevitable (and Year 10 is apparently one of the best years); I'm saying that is this a start of a new chapter in my life. I have finished the small chapter of early teenage years and am moving to be a young adult. 

This can be very daunting for people.

I know that this hasn't yet sunk into my parents - the fact that their youngest child will be starting to date boys more seriously, take exams and spend more time being independent. It is amazing to think that when I was 6 I looked up at the older kids and thought how cool it would have been to be their age but in reality I never want to grow up. Unfortunately we cannot stop this. We can not tell our bodies to stop growing or our brain to not develop. This is why we need to embrace the fact that this is a new chapter in our lives and know that we are gonna smash it and have a load of fun. 
Why be nervous about something when we can look forward to it instead? 
What use is it to worry about what will happen next? 
Only God knows what will happen next and just like my auntie and I kept on reminding my sister - God has a plan for us. We can put our faith in him to guide us however remembering that teamwork is always better than one person...

We can  also help our selves. 

Maybe going that extra bit further on a project will help but maybe going to that party will enable you to meet amazing new friends. It's so important to get the right balance between work, party and rest. But in my opinion we should do the things that make us happy, things that we enjoy and smile all the way.
Of course there will be things in life that we really don't want to do despite the fact that they have to be done. Get though the things that you don't want to do first and it will make everything you wish to do, more fun and rewarding.

Another thing: Always stay a child at heart!

This year will be anxious for a lot of the people I know however we must embrace that and smash it. 
I hope you have had an amazing weekend and I will speak to you again on wednesday!

Love you all
- Anna

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