Small Shopping Haul


It's Friday Friday, Gotta Get On Tumblr On Friday!
(A remix by Anna Nicholls) 

Today I went shopping with my mum and my sister and I wanted to share them with you in this little post... so enjoy looking at my clothes... :) 

Grey Woolen Trousers 

The most comfiest trousers I have ever worn!
Must have for traveling in autumn

Black Super Skinny Jeans

I might cut slits at the knees cus I LOVE that style & I saw some in Topshop that I loved but were like £42.
(If you want to see a post about that just comment below)

Orange quilt style cropped jumper

These go so well with the Grey Trousers and Chelsea boots.

Plain White Muscle Tank

To be worn with a bando.
When Luke and I date I'll wear this!

Simple Black Cropped Top 
with a lacy rim
New Look - Generation 

Black Bando
New Look - Generation

So that is it for the clothes however I then went on to buy a big poster of my 5sos boys

HMV - £4.99

and then a frame for it to go in.
IKEA - £16.00

This is not an obsession. 

Have a lovely week! 
My next post will be up after I come back from Paris on the Wednesday! 

I can't wait to share videos, vlogs and other fun things with you when I get back.
Make sure your following me on my social networking sites so you can follow my journey and laugh at my poor french! 


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