Paris 2014♥


On the 10th of August my family and I traveled to Paris for a short holiday. It was incredible! We loved every second and I will defiantly be going back. Paris is a very magical city - hard to describe but if you have been there you will know. At 9 o'clock we left our house in north west London to get into central and check in, so I said good bye to my massive 5sos poster, slipped my converses and headed out the door - grabbing my bags on the way. We arrived with plenty of time, we went through security and hopped on the train that swiftly left at 11 on the dot.

I filmed my trip to and from Paris and have been working hard editing it all down into a short film.

I hope you enjoy

This short family trip has made me more eager to explore the world. I hope that one day I will be making more films about the places I go and sharing it with you. 

This is my first vlog on YouTube, I hope you enjoyed it. I do know that the quality is not brilliant however it did take me along time to edit together... yeah it isn't brilliant. 

Anyway have an amazing evening and I shall speak to you again on wednesday.

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