My Taste In Fashion & Polyvore Sets


It's FRIDAY! (I was once again reminded by Caspar Lee on twitter)

Recently I have been back on Polyvore, a site that I have not been on for a long time. Honestly, getting back into my old hobbies is so fun. I love to make little collages of things that I would wear out and pair together. In today's post I wanted to share with you some outfits I would wear out to different occasions and also some 'Get the look' collages of celebs. Now I know I haven't talked about fashion for a while however I do miss it even though I do also find making films and writing something inspirational extremely fun and worthwhile. Also another note is that I know that my taste in fashion will not be to everyone's cup of tea. To be honest I think my fashion sense in pretty common yet I just wanted to say that I really couldn't care less if people don't like what I'm wearing (or in this sense pairing together) as they are not the ones who paid for them; hence why people have no right to judge people with what they wear.

I also found a few images on tumblr and we heart it that I wanted to share of outfits that I thought looked amazing. Another thing I know that some of these sets are quite cheesy (you will see) but it just makes me smile haha if you don't like them then I'm sorry not sorry.

Polyvore finds the links to all the websites when the set is published.
The Tumblr images are not mine.
I do know the prices of some of the items featured are very expensive however I just love them & will forever be on my wish list.

Firstly my sets on Polyvore:

1) A simple look when on tour with your boyfriend (Luke Hemmings) and his band.

Black High Top Converses £48 (OFFICE.CO.UK ) 
Diamond Ring £1,110 (MDCDIAMONDS.COM ) Given as a birthday present from Luke.
Grey Crop Tee £15 (VILA.COM ) 
Apple iPhone 5 ( APPLE.COM )

2) Get The Look: Kendall Jenner

White Crop Top £12 (MONKI.COM
Blue Blazer £674 (FARFETCH.COM ) 
Black Handbag £330 (TORYBURCH.COM

3) With boyfriend Joe Sugg for a cozy day in...

White slip-on Vans £27 (VANS.COM
Grey Jumper £180 (LAGARCONNE.COM

4) Get The Look: Zoe Sugg (BBC 1 Teen Award) 

Plain Black Dress £20 (MONKI.COM
Black Heels £47 (OFFICE.CO.UK
Black & Gold Clutch £39 (SELFRIDGES.COM

5) Get The Look: Taylor Swift 

White Crop Tee £9.59 (TOPSHOP.COM
Black Maxi Pencil Skirt £23 (GLUESTORE.COM.AU
Black Strappy Heels £25 (PARISIAFASHION.CO.UK)

6) Snapchatting your boyfriend Ashton Irwin on his flight back home with the boys - when he says he misses you. 

Snapchat FREE...
5SOS Jumper £11 (ETSY.COM) I need one!
Black Converse Tracksuit £22 (ZALANDO.CO.UK)

7) Snapchatting your boyfriend Luke Hemmings while he is away on tour and your stuck in bed with a cold

Home Simpson PJ set £26 (TOPSHOP.COM
Pink Beats £180 (BEATSBYDRE.COM

Tumblr images: 

I hope you liked this post ( I loved making this post ) I really want to make another post like this & that will happen at some point and I will also include Micheal and Callum in that post ( I ran out of time ). This post took a long time to make so please show it some love by sharing it on google +. 

Thank you so much lovelies... We are so close to 3,000 page views! Eeeeekk thats amazing. 

My film of my trip to Paris will hopefully be coming out on sunday. Again editing is taking so long.

Anyway have an amazing week end and I'll speak to you on SUNDAYY! 


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