Who Inspires You?


I'm back in England! 

Paris was amazing! Honestly I understand why they say Paris is magical - It truly is (you have no idea why it is so magical... it just is in it's self). Being abroad for the first time in a year was so good! We took the Eurostar to Paris and stayed there for 2 nights. I will be writing more about it in my next post along with a short movie of my trip! Look out for that on Youtube and here on my blog.

This wednesday's post is by the title... Who inspires you? As I was admiring the historic buildings around me in Paris I spotted a women wearing a jumper with that question. It made me think. Who does inspire me?

Me being me I ran after her and took a  photo to feature on my post. My cameras zoom is on point.

So Who does inspire you? Is it your friends? Youtubers? Luke Hemmings? Obama?

People who inspire others normally have a wide selection of people who inspire them. 
Youtubers defiantly inspire me, my parents inspire me, my brother and sister inspire me day in day out and loads of celebrities do too - the list is endless.

I hope this post has made you think about who is around you and who inspires you.
Top Tip: Look around you again and see who really cares for you.

Anyway to keep this short and sweet i'm gonna go.



Joking my not A (or am I) PPL fans I know your reading.

Film to come soon

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