Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough

The fear of never being good enough. The fear that someone will always be one step ahead. The fear that you will never live up to your own expectations, aims and ambitions. 
These are the things that I find the hardest to come to terms with. 

For a short while I had these thoughts spinning inside of my head but then one day it stuck me. Why should I let myself feel threatened by the thought of not doing well when I'm only at the start of my life - the bottom of the mountain. I took the thought of life being a mountain... and hopefully by the time I'm gray and old I will be looking at an incredible view. A view of all the memories I've had, times I've partied hard, done crazy spontaneous things and made myself proud. 

Why waist time being scared of what will become of yourself, when you can spend that time climbing that mountain and getting closer to looking at an incredible view. Have fun. Do things that make you happy. Be whatever you want to be. But one thing promise me that you wont waist time regretting things that have past. Move on and think about the amazing things that will come next. Like my old dance teacher used to say... if you don't dream big, you wont get anywhere near that dream to be able to live it. Stick at your dreams and goals and never think that you are not good enough.

Atelophobia is caused by over thinking.

If you believe you are not good enough for someone, that person should not be a part of your life. You should feel comfortable around the people who are your 'friends'. Never settle for something you are not happy with. You are worth so much and for you to think that you are not good enough to do something or spend time with someone is just silly. 

Keep your head up high and remember if you trip whilst climbing up the mountain, it dosn't mean you will fall all the way back down (you might have to have a few stitches and then choose a different route).

I'm sorry if this post was unclear... I'm so tired but I wanted to make a point.

Have an amazing friday tomorrow!

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