Back To School Thoughts...


As my mum woke me up this morning, I immediately regretted staying up late on tumblr. I was exhausted. So of course I grunted at her and rolled back over. 5 minutes later I heard the front door slammed meaning that my sister and her had gone and if I didn't get out of bed now I would fall back into dreamland and be late for the first day back. BRILLIANT.  Honestly I was nervous. All summer I didn't do much that I had to put much effort into, so going back to school I knew that this would all suddenly change. I would be starting my GCSEs.

Admittedly, my day wasn't too bad. We spent the first two hours faffing around with 'important' things in our tutor group and then we were just left to just get on with things. I had double Maths and then English after lunch - sounds dire but it was actually alright. I didn't mention it to you but I had some trouble with picking my options so the lessons I'm actually taking are:

Double Science (not sure yet if I'm doing triple science)
English Literature and English Language
Philosophy and Ethics 
Business Studies

I hope that going back to school was bearable for everyone!
Remember you are going to be fine whatever happens. 

Sorry it's a late post again... I need to upload earlier I know! 

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