I AM A FEMINIST | HeForShe & Sam Pepper


I am a feminist.
 I am someone who campaigns for equal rites of the sexes. 

I believe that men and women need to be treated exactly the same and that no one should experience gender inequality or discrimination. On Tuesday night I watched an extremely inspirational video on YouTube where Emma Watson officially launched the HeForShe campaign.

I feel this campaign is incredibly important. I am tremendously lucky to live in a country where gender discrimination is not a major issue. Unfortunately others are not as lucky and need our help. 

Another topic that I wish to pick up on is the videos Sam Pepper has made. If you are unaware, Sam Pepper is a well known YouTuber who over the last couple of weeks has received very negative comments on a number of his videos due to the content and title of his videos 'Fake hand ass pinch'. However he recently uploaded another video on to his channel. Explaining his behaviour...

I do realise that people are still offended by the videos he posted however he has a very strong point. Why should men be afraid to show their feelings? Men are just the same as any other humans. They are sensitive at times just like women are. 

People also do not realise that men are affected by harassment too. 

I hope this is an eye opener.

Stick up for what you believe in. If not me, who? If not now, when?

Thank you

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