Is Social Media a Bad Thing?


Today I sat back and thought (just after JAMIE MCDELL followed me on twitter and me fangirling for like 10 minutes straight...) about the pros and cons of social media. As my family don't really use social networking I am practically the opposite. I love spending my time on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I was going crazy over the fact that Jamie had followed me and as I showed my notifications on twitter to my sister pointing at Jamie's name, she simply said 'Who are they?'. She was talking about Jamie and a few other people who followed me. It stuck me that I didn't know a lot of these people.

But is that a bad thing? 

I really don't know. Twitter is a place where I tweet irrelevant things, kinda like my blog. My blog is a place for my irrelevant comments and ideas on things that according to my blogger stats people enjoy reading. It just struck me that people have the chose to follow another person. It was quite weird. Like do I really want people knowing where I'm going etc. It's hard. I love writing on my blog as I want to share the stupid things I do with people and share positivity. Like most of the time what I say on my blog is very irrelevant. However it does strike me how isolated my generation are. We don't socialise often and the so called 'social' media actually makes us stay inside and not go and explore the world around me. My brother made a point this lunch time that my generation will actually be the most unsociable, disrespectful, dumb people who are the most sociable, respectful and smart people. Think about it...

We spend all our time on social networking sites communicating with people all across the world. We spend a lot of time respecting peoples work and sicking up for others online.
We spend a lot of time researching new ways to cure illness etc

however that is all online. If we looked up from our phone for a split second it could change our lives as we make a new friend. It's a hard thing to grasp. Another example being we made calculators that can do sums that we can't do ourselves in our heads. Will technology be smarter than us? Is it smarter than us?

On wednesday I promise my post will be earlier and will include a bunch of photos... sorry for loads and loads of writing all the time. 

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