Life Is Too Short To Be Unhappy. (Short History Lesson)


Sitting on my bedroom floor, I was upset. Unhappy. The chooses I have made over the past couple of years, made me so confused. I was angry. Angry at myself, Annoyed at the situation. Without going into all of that, it is fair to say that I snapped out of it quickly. 

We have one life. One Shot. 

This doesn't mean that we cannot have those days where we need to cry. We all know that is inevitable and crying does not make one weak it means that we need to let all of our emotions show. You cannot keep in your tears when you body is forcing them out, just like you cannot keep in a laugh and a psychotic snort when something funny happens.  

It means that we should try and take every opportunity to stay happy. If you feel like staying in all day moaping around, you are wasting a day. Don't let yourself do that. Go out. Have fun. Being happy doesn't mean you have to be traveling, meeting Luke Hemmings (even though that would be delightful) or shopping for the latest clothes. It simply means that you do things that make you feel good.

If your are ever feeling like you can't do things...
Think back to all the times you said can't do things or you wouldn't be able to do something.

How many times was that?




guarantee you it has been more.
(ohooohh I made that rhyme) 

That is not a bad thing. 
It is part of our human nature to say that things are too hard when we have never faced that situation before. OK. Think about the first plane that flew across the Atlantic ocean (history lesson today has hit me philosophically) - The Spirit of St. Louis. 
Do you think that was the first plane ever made? Well No. It wasn't. 

Many attempts before then had failed however due to the change in economic times in the USA (hello my US friends reading) , they were able to try and try again. Without that change in the economy, working hours and pay, people would not have been able to have a disposable income to spend on leisure and put back into the companies who would then improve the quality of materials etc. to build better planes.

This links in because if we don't have that change (like in the economy etc.) we can't benefit and move on with the times. If we continue to stay upset, angry and confused we can't move on to have fun and be better humans. 

We have one life. One shot and we need to make it a tequila.
(I'm too young to drink but I heard it is epic)

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