Style Icons


I have a number of style icons and I wanted to share them with you. It may help you experiment with different ideas etc. Being at school most of the time (wearing set uniform) it is hard to express your style however... even though some people may not notice it... I love a range of different styles.

She is a fellow blogger and I love all the outfits that she puts together! Go and check her out here!

Tanya Burr 
The lovely Tanya is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube who also happens to write her own blog. She has her own make up brand and is a real inspiration to me. She not only looks fabulous all the time, she just has such a good sense in style.

Shivani Patel
Not only is she one of my best mates, she is extremely tumblr, has such a cute instagram feed and her sense of style is on point. I wanted to mention her cus she deserves all the followers in the world! Find her here (tumblr) and here (instagram).

Andrea Russett
Idc Andrea is my women crush wednesday everyweek! I love her style and she is sooo pretty!

The Jenner Girls
Kendall and Kylie are goddesses! I love everything they wear.

When it comes to fashion these girls know what they are doing!
I recon there will be another post like this soon as there are so many people with such good fashion taste.

Hope you have had an amazing week.

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