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Let Me Get My S*** Together, Time I got my S*** together

Now everyone has had that time (mines nearly always at like midnight) where we say that we are gonna get our life 'on track'. It actually cracks me up that I haven't ever been succsessful with this and just lost sleeping time as a result. But this time I want that to be different. I want to be able to actually get organized. Over the past couple of weeks I have been telling myself that I will do that - and I havent. Now I'm not suggesting that I'm gonna be a 'new me'. I'm sorry but we all know that that is not going to happen at all. However I want this to be a time where I try and get myself more organized. 

I have written a list of things that hopefully over the next month I can enforce in my life (sort of):

  • Keep Your Room Clean. I'm gonna find that so hard!
  • Keep Your Computer de-cluttered. By this I mean delete documents that you no longer need.
  • Write To Do lists. That actually get completed.
  • Stay on top of your work. Don't leave your work to the last minute get it over and done with, especially if you don't want to do that job. Get the bad things out the way first leaving you to enjoy the good things more.
  • Relax. We have all got to sleep at some point.
  • If your parents ask you to do something do it asap. Then on saturday when you want to go out (or stay in your room all day like me) and do your own thing it can be done with no arguing or slamming of doors.

And I always like to share videos here on my blog... Sharing is caring and it may help!

I hope my list and this video helped slightly. 

Also guys I want to say a huge THANK YOU as I have it 4,000 views on my blog which is 

If any of you have ideas for posts I would love to hear them.

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